I am Richard and fascinated by all things honey bees. Already as a student I studied bee diseases and put my knowledge into practice as a beekeeper. I then extended my research interest to the interaction of bees especially with agricultural practices.

The investigation of interactions between plant protection products and pathogens is still one of the core topics of my work. The special focus is on the sublethal influences of plant protection products on individual and colony development in honey bees. In order to measure such effects, which often remain unrecognized, I use the latest techniques (such as RFID or capacitive sensor technology) to map, for example, influences on the flight behavior of bees.

The broad goal of my research here at the JKI “Institute for Bee Protection” is ultimately to advance method development for risk assessment of honey bees for chronic and sublethal effects after pesticide application. I mainly consider laboratory, semi-field and field studies.

You can learn a little more about my research on this page. Contact possibilities are also available.

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